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22 December
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Well, let's see. I'm in my twenties, have graduated from college (but am trying to get back in to attend grad school), love listening to music (but can't carry a tune in a bucket), like to draw (but am not very good at it), and adore reading and writing (the former more than the latter). Hmm... that's probably too general...

So I'll try this: I'm an avid fanfic/story reader. I can write the oddest stuff when motivated (for school or otherwise; ever try writing an English paper comparing Pokemon to Heart of Darkness? Yeah, that's how crazy I can get). My majors were biology and physics, though I love math and chemistry as well and am excellent at English (adore Shakespeare!). I'll listen to almost any kind of music except country, and I don't care about the language the music I'm listening to is. And I'm a loyal fan, meaning once I'm hooked, it takes quite a bit to unhook me from a fandom.

Anime? You bet! It's the 21st century's healthy alternative to crack and I got addicted to it waaaay back in the 80s (for the record, I was born in '81, so I was pretty young when I discovered Japanese animation). Though I do like the old Disney movies too, as well as others (Bucky O'Hare, TMNT, etc.), so maybe I'm just a fan of animation.

Like most anime/animation fans, I like video games, but my schedule doesn't allow me to play as much as I'd like. I've gone months at a time without playing. I cannot, however, go a day without checking my email and various webcomics, most of which often make fun of video games. So I'm still getting my fix.

My spare time gets eaten up by tutoring, substitute teaching, various projects for my neighbor's church charity club, revamping my house, and running around like a headless chocobo. And yes, the last one is something I must do at least once a day.

I prefer to laugh and have a wonky sense of humor. While I can be a condenscending bitch at times, I try to be open minded and listen to others. And my cycle does have an effect on my mood (PMS is not a myth with me, folks; it's an ugly fact).

While this guy calling himself "Lunaludus Scribex" has proclaimed himself the "God of Dead Fandoms" and runs a small temple to said fandoms, let it be known I'm his "Head Priestess" and motivator. And I'm not a very good motivator as I also read more fanfics and stories than write 'em, and I only bug him in jest to finish his own writing (don't want to be a hypocrite).

I figured I might as well join, if for no other reason than to chat with my friends who have already joined. That, and now I have a place to put little snippets of writing that I may want to share with the world.

Poor, poor world...

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