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January 23rd, 2017
01:15 pm
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GAH! I fucking hate getting sick!
Arisia was pretty fun (except for the last bit on Sunday, as well as the fact that I couldn't find my friend aedifica to hang out with; sorry I missed you! ;_; We need to trade phone numbers so this doesn't happen next time!). Essentially, Sunday made me glad I didn't finish my masquerade entry in time (terrible announcer, and while many of the entrants were good, with a few EXCELLENT ones, it felt a bit lacking this year; that may have been the announcer again, though, since he was bad enough to bring everything down).

On the flight back, however, a guy was sitting next to me and sneezing and hacking so that I felt moisture hitting my arm for much of the flight home.

Yeah... EW!

Needless to say, I pretty much ended up incredibly sick this past weekend, and I am still battling it. Unfortunately, given the time of year, I really can't take any time off to feel better, so I'm just having to brave it through.

On the plus side, I am getting through projects. I told myself I needed to buckle down and just work on things, and that's what I'm doing. Basement is, surprisingly, getting cleaner and more organized each day. :) Maybe by the summer, I will have achieved the elusive goal of having all my material in one room (and if I'm really lucky, by the fall I will have it all fitting on the numerous shelves and none on the floor! Crazy dream, I know...).

I'm also forcing myself to work on some of the things for my historical entry for Costume Con 35 (namely the beaded purse, which will take some serious work), and I ordered a pattern to use for the undergarments I want to make. My plan is to have most of the costume done (barring any small additions like embroidery or lace) by March so that I can add things as I want as CC35 gets closer.

Of course, I also want to enter the Single Pattern Contest at CC35, using a Dr. Who theme, mostly because it fits with a costume I wanted to do anyway. And it promises to be a big project, so as long as I work on this in conjunction with my historical, I think it can be done and done well. There's dyeing parts to both, so I'm going to buy a space heater and, the first weekend I feel better, tackle those out in my garage. :P

If I'm lucky, I may be able to drag some people into a group costume entry with me, but I'm not holding out hopes for that. Still... hoping a bit... because costume stuff fills me with DETERMINATION. (Yes, that was the direction my thoughts were going...)

And I'm trying to figure out if I want to try to go on a Dublin tour in May. See, there was a flyer on campus, and it is for a week-long tour after classes are over. The price is $1775 for the hotel, breakfasts, and morning activities (lunches aren't included, and afternoons are being left a bit free so people can do as they like). Plus, I'd have to pay for my own flight (and I have to FIND my own flight; ugh, that's a nightmare and a half this close to summer). But still... visit bunches of scenic places, have an itinerary that is flexible, and travel with a group that has a few people I like in it? I dunno... and time is coming up to make a decision. :P Hoping my buds Jeff and John will have some advice this weekend...

Likely, though, when I'm hopped up on cold medicine and feeling like the world is spinning is probably not the best time to try to plan out the next 6 months...

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January 4th, 2017
06:42 am
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Whelp, it's a New Year...
Break wasn't nearly long enough (of course), and on my general list of things I wanted to get done over break, I got through about 10 things out of 25, so at least a few things got done.

Of course, I suddenly got some inspiration to work on things for Arisia (which starts next Friday), and like usual, I doubt I will be able to get everything done (want to do 5 costumes, two of which have a few similar parts, but all five are fairly detailed). I'm thinking there are two I can easily get through because they are already started, but we'll see what this weekend brings.

Work is going to odd in the next couple of weeks, due to people being away on medical leave at the start, but I think it will be manageable (especially since I finally got my work credit card back; I hate identity thieves, BTW).

Well, last year's four resolutions definitely did not get done. :P So this year's resolutions are to just continue with them.

1) Still have several yarn projects. To be fair, given all the things that came up last year and I did get through, I think the progress I made was pretty impressive. And I have less than 10 projects left, so it is getting there. This year, I'd like to finish ALL my knitting projects, which amounts to:
-black and gray thigh-high socks (for a costume)
-blue sparkly socks (for a costume)
-silk lace shawl (to play with dyes with)
-brown leg warmers (for general use)
-red coat (present for my mom when it gets done)
-doily with orange and yellow and white thread (just using up something that was given to me)
-square doily (just wanted to try the pattern)
-turquoise jacket (for me)
-green coat/robe (for me)

2) I am more than half way through the book of Sherlock stories. I probably would have finished with it, but I got several other books and wanted to get through those. So, still working on that, but very likely I can finish it this year.

3) With my craft room being rearranged, it will be much easier to make myself work on stuff, so the "sew for about an hour a day" goal should be much more do-able. This was actually something that did get a bit done over break, and some general projects that have been sitting around forever are completed. The overall goal of this resolution is to get my fabric stash down enough to fit on the shelves I have.

4) I am in better shape physically, just not where I want to be, so this is a continual goal that I just need to keep working on.

5) Adding a new goal/resolution: get through all the DVDs that I have and just haven't watched yet. This includes several single movie DVDs, as well as a few series. If I watch something every day or so, it'll get done (I have two large series I want to watch on DVD).

So, hopefully I can get the costumes somewhat done for Arisia (at least the two that are almost done) before I go.

Also, AGDQ 2017 starts this Sunday! :D Sadly, Arisia overlaps with the end of AGDQ this year, but that's what archives on Youtube are for.

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December 25th, 2016
09:36 am
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Happy Holidays!
So, birthday was a few days ago. Pretty much everyone had to work, so it was nothing big (got comic books and some dolls for my collection). Been a crazy/hectic few days, since it's that time of the year, but I hope everyone is enjoying the time of the year in whatever form they choose to celebrate. :)

Doug Walker (the Nostalgia Critic) posted this video, and I think it's a good one for the occasion. Take care, everyone!

Direct link: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HWIKTXt9C6Y

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December 16th, 2016
10:18 am
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Well, one thing done...
So, my laptop is fixed and more or less working. :) Very nice to have it back! I am still looking at other laptops, just in case one comes along that seems to fit, but for now, I'm just going to see how much longer my 7 year old laptop lasts (with a new hard drive, specifically an SSD, it is lightning fast and even less prone to breaking, so probably has at least a few more years in it).

Basement is getting cleaned up. Like, you can walk through it and stuff. ;) I have a few piles of projects that, since I can now reach them and my sewing machine is free of clutter, I can work on. Won't have much time this weekend to work on things (stupid real life stuff comes first, after all), but it is getting there.

And OF COURSE this means I haven't started on anything for Arisia, nor do I even know what I want to make and take; like usual, I'm betting inspiration will strike 3 days before the con when I have no time and lots of stress. >:P

My friend who introduced me to Arisia in the first place is doing 1950s poodle-skirt versions of Disney characters--mostly heroines and villains--and asked me if I wanted to join in. Many of the ones I'd like to do were already taken, but after looking over the Disney movies we have, I sort of really now want to do Miss Bianca from The Rescuers Down Under. Haven't heard back from my friend, but I hope that suggestion is acceptable. These would just be wandering around costumes, nothing too fancy.

Took this online quiz thingy. Not really reliable or accurate (only seven questions, and over half of them I really wanted a "none of the above" option), but for what it's worth...


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December 8th, 2016
11:45 am
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Still no laptop, but...
Still no laptop. Might have a solution for that soon-ish, but trying not to get my hopes up.

Last Saturday was a complete disaster day. I was volunteered by my brother (without my consent) to make costumes for my brother's workplace and essentially spent from 3pm Friday to 10am Saturday (no sleep) working on them. I got them done enough to be worn, but I am still working on making sure all the hems and such are finished (and they had fur in them, and finishing fur is always more difficult because just sewing it really isn't an option).

My brother said he was sorry, and won't do anything like that again, but we'll see. I'm making him pay me for the materials at least, although he seems to be grumbling about that (he's also helping me with my laptop, and seems under the impression that the few hours and no money that the laptop stuff requires equates to me actually using materials and spending over 12 hours and forgoing sleep to do something I never said I would do).

So... yeah. -_- Not the most fun for me. Hoping this weekend will be better.

I was able to find a desk at Good Will that is a much better crafting desk than the set up I had (I realized it was all too claustrophobic and thus I just didn't want to do anything down there). So I've been working on getting my craft area into working order and moving the old large table out so that I can get some work done. Slowly but surely, that's coming along. Already much better, since I feel like the room isn't just one massive block of things.

In other news, ran across this, and I found it to be a very refreshing article. There's several people I wish would read this and take it seriously (although I'm betting the people it's really supposed to target are the same people who brush it off as being just mean and don't see anything wrong with themselves because they admit there may be something wrong, but they have other things to make up for that, really!; read several rebuttals that boiled down to that, and pretty much laughed my tuckus off at how butthurt the authors were about being told to suck it up). I'm certainly going to be using this in the present/future.


Also, still coughing. Really hope this last remnant of a cold goes away soon and it doesn't invite any buddies in its absense. :P

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November 19th, 2016
08:54 pm
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Still hunting for a new laptop... and other things...
Bought a fairly expensive laptop (it's purpose is for gaming, actually), but it just has too many things wrong with it, so I need to return it. Might have a good idea of what laptop I should go with (and it's cheaper than the one I tried, which is nice). Going to do so Monday. Hopefully, I will have a laptop at some point... :P

In other news, I've been sick the past two weeks (like really sick; I think I caught two colds at once, to be honest, as one coworker had half the symptoms and another had the rest, and they both had colds, but slightly different ones). I've nearly hacked out my throat, but it seems to be on the mend (as I am hopefully too; at least I can talk somewhat now without sounding like a smoker using a voice chip), so maybe by Thanksgiving I will be able to eat turkey, cold-free. *fingers crossed*

Went to the Star Wars Costumes exhibit at the Denver Art Museum last weekend. Very interesting and fun for me. It definitely focused more on the prequels, which my whole family liked (although my mom was disappointed there wasn't more stuff directly from Lucas... or Liam Neeson). The costume details were AMAZING! I was also pleasantly surprised to run into BUNCHES of prequel fans as well (nice to be among my own and know I'm not alone when I say that Episode 1 is probably my favorite in retrospect).

So, yeah. Mostly just trying to rest and feel better... and not cough. I am really sick of the sore throat...

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November 7th, 2016
11:55 pm
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Just fucking great... -_-
So, got an email last week for a video chat thing that was to take place this morning at 9am. Checked my laptop's settings and installed the program and it was all working.

That was last Friday. The laptop was working fine Saturday, and most of Sunday too.

Yesterday, my laptop suddenly stopped connecting to the internet last night around midnight. It had done this before, and rebooting fixed the problem.

So that's what I tried.

Four restarts later and it still wasn't recognizing the WiFi available. After the first reboot, I checked the drivers and that seemed to be fine, so I wasn't sure what was going on.

Then... black screen with mouse cursor, and Windows refusing to actually start up.

Several attempts to fix the problem and nothing was working. I finally got the System Restore to work, and it booted the laptop back to 11/1/2016 (so fairly recent; thank goodness) and it was working.

I reinstalled the chat program and things were again fine. Laptop seemed slow, but not really that much more than normal, so I just went with it.

This morning, it was still working, and I got through the video chat with no laptop problems. It was actually working really well.

Got to work, however, and an hour later, it just suddenly started working and stopped working at random. Like, it was really jerkily slow. I had tried to open an Adobe pdf that I'd opened several times, and it just froze for 60 seconds, then responded to a click, then froze again, repeat.

Well, I tried repairing it using the system stuff, and that certainly didn't work. I tried deleting Adobe (hoping to reinstall it and maybe that would fix the problem), but it refused to be deleted, and then the laptop needed to be rebooted again.

I managed to get it somewhat working and spent the next 6 hours slowly getting all my files off it and onto two flash drives, and with only three exceptions, everything did copy (the others gave me error messages that refused to go away, no matter how many times I said "Try Again").

So I do have my files.

I got the laptop home and it was working at a minimum, but working. If I used it to read webpages or watch Youtube videos, it was okay with that, so my plan was to only do that and see if it could last a week or two, when things started going on sale (Black Friday/Cyber Monday).

Well, when my brother got home, he took a look at it and forced some of the drivers to update, which did seem to fix a few problems. But then he restarted it, it went to CHKDSK and froze for over an hour at step 4 (nothing on the screen changed for an hour), and now we can't get it to do anything but try to run CHKDSK (and freeze at the same spot everytime) or skip that to boot Windows (only to get to a black screen with a mouse cursor and nothing else).

So, yeah, laptop is probably kaputz. It is seven years old, but still...

I am so used to having it that it really feels like a part of me is missing without it. And for the most part, I just used it to watch videos and read fanfics (well, and research things as they came up; love Wikipedia as a jumping off point).

My brother has off on Wednesday and said that if I can last that long, he'll go take a look with me at the options available at Best Buy (which is where I got this last one). I think I want to do what I did before, which was over-buy for what I needed, and then just treat it really nicely and have it last a while (my old one was nearly the best I could get without a huge price jump, and considerably more equipped than I needed, but that meant that using it sparingly paid off and it lasted a long time).

An option that could be really good, but would require me to wait, is AlienWare, but I want to see what is available at BB before I look into that.

I'm just... despondent without it. I suppose it is similar to people who use their phones for nearly everything. :(

So, if you don't hear from me for awhile, it is because I am trying to replace my main method of online communication.

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November 4th, 2016
01:08 pm
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Random weirdness
Didn't do much (anything) for Halloween. I did go to a museum event with my friend Erin. Here's the two pics I have from that event, combined into one.

DA Link: http://killpurakat.deviantart.com/art/Doofing-around-the-museum-643948712
Furaffinity Link: http://www.furaffinity.net/view/21629255/

Hoping to accomplish something besides raking/bagging leaves this weekend (we have over 20 bags full! And the trees STILL have half their leaves! DX). We'll see how that goes...

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October 10th, 2016
10:50 am
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D12 Dice Pillow
So, this is the pillow-craft-thing I finished for use on The Gamers: The Shadow Menace set (was a Kickstarter perk; send in a prop to be displayed in the background).

This was more or less a prototype. I have plans for how to do a better dye job and general construction for when I make the full set. :)


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October 4th, 2016
12:27 pm
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I think I found what I want for Christmas...
Just too fucking cool! XD

Also, I want to (and have an idea how to) make these:

Post coming soon with pic of D12 pillow I made.

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