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August 10th, 2016
03:03 pm
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Eh, been busy couple of weeks
Seems like for every one thing I get done, at least five more things pop up. :P

Still searching and applying to places. Have a few leads, which is nice after a long period of nothing (guess the end of summer, when people go back to school, tends to open things up). Trying not to get my hopes up about anything, though. I do realize I need to move on, if for nothing else than I'm not being challenged here, and while I like being lazy and routine, it isn't what is best for me.

Went to Water World with my buddy Jeff yesterday. We had a good time, until the heat got to me and I got heat stroke and we had to leave (although it was a bit late in the day and crowded by then). Still, it did convince me that I need to get back into swimming (the one physical activity that really isn't a chore for me). And I'm betting the Rec Center pool won't have massive amounts of sanitary salt in the water (made me miss chlorine!).

Working on getting little bits and bobs done in the basement. Quilts for my neighbor are coming along (I'd like to have as many of those done as possible to give to her next month; we had a break in the crafting group meetings these past two months, and it would be nice to just give her everything and not have anything besides my stuff sitting in the basement). Might be able to knock another one out tonight. My big goal is to not only use up the fabrics that I have no other use for, but also make a dent in a bunch of lace and bias tape that was given to me (and is in colors I KNOW I will never use). By my reckoning, I probably have enough to make 5 or 6 quilts more.

Still have no idea what I'm going to do for Arisia/CC35 (well, I have IDEAS, but picking one... very difficult to do!). Juggling in my head between Princess Knight (Sapphire is awesome, but my body type isn't quite on par with hers, and the outfit is a bit oddly standard), the Marquis de Hoto (I'm guessing, though, that everyone will assume I'm the white rabbit from Alice in Wonderland, so a bit reluctant to do that one), Yakko Warner (need to revamp the gloves... AGAIN, and redo the head; also, not sure if this one is up to my standards for masquerade entering), and Dr Nefarious (which is a difficult costume at best, and insanely impossible at worst... at least, how I'd like to do him... ignore the innuendo -_-;;;).

There's also the possibility of maybe doing a group costume (Bunnymund from Rise of the Guardians, possibly; if I get one other person to team up with me, a Blood Dragon could be cool, assuming I can figure out a way to pack it into a suitcase; and then there's the possibility of formal-wear Mythbusters inspired clothing).

So many things to ponder... ;)

As far as knitting goes (aka, all the stuff stuffed into my room and driving me crazy with being out), I managed to wind all the shanks from Christmas into very loose balls (can't wind tightly, or the yarn gets stretched and damaged) and got started on some of the bigger projects. So the list of projects is now:
-use up white crochet thread knitting one or two more doilies (was given to me; this was the best I could figure to do with it)
-use up orange and yellow crochet thread on one doily (same as above)
-make long green coat (out of Christmas yarn)
-make shorter turquoise coat (out of Christmas yarn)
-make blue Celtic coat (possibly as a gift for someone; depends on how it looks when finished)
-make gray and black stockings for historical outfit (inventing this as I go)
-make red stockings for Dr Who Lolita-ish outfit (inventing this as I go as well)
-make brown legwarmers (has pattern to use, but I question if my yarn will work for this)
-make silk shawl and dye it (going to try spot-dyeing; should be interesting)
-make red coat (Christmas present for my mom; using lace-weight yarn, so it'll take forever and a day, but it is soft and should be to her tastes)

If I can get the coats done, then that's most of the yarn and four big projects out of the way (and it gives me nice, warm things to wear when the weather turns to crap, which is probably going to be soon). Luckily, the coats are done on larger sized needles, so they should go quicker than the gloves I was doing or the socks (size 2 needles make for good socks, but they take so LONG...).

Eh, I guess I rambled. I wish I had more done, especially more fun stuff, but work tends to zap any energy I have (whether with frustration or boredom). I tend to feel very tired all the time, and I keep having migraines (related, in part, to the ever-changing Colorado weather as of late). Hopefully the next update will have some more productivity from me. :)

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July 25th, 2016
11:05 pm
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Gamers Season 1, for the fellow geeks out there!
This is a bit late, but if you're a fan of RPG fantasy, check this campaign out:

I've been a huge fan of Dead Gentlemen Productions/Zombie Orpheus Entertainment for awhile, and I love how they weave all their different stories together. The Gamers was the start, and given that it seemed like a throw away joke after they made Gamers 2 (Dorkness Rising), only to come crashing back with epic force in Gamers 3 (Hands of Fate), as well as tying into their other series (JourneyQuest), this promises to be interesting if nothing else. Give it a chance!

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July 5th, 2016
10:08 am
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*facepalm* Really?
So, the San Diego Comic Con is July 21 through 24. That's 16 days (roughly 2 weeks) away.

I won a standard award at the masquerade last year, and I was told that entitled me to a free pass next (this) year. I wrote several times asking about it, and especially if I could possibly get more than one (wanted one for my mom, and she did help with the costume). I also wanted to know if I could be in on the hotel lottery, because I'd need a place to stay. I mean, yeah it was awesome winning a free pass, especially to something so huge, but the event is much more than that, and planning with things like this takes quite a bit.


I JUST GOT AN EMAIL REPLY THAT HAD THE RELEVANT INFORMATION TODAY. With instructions to please reply promptly because this is a time-sensitive issue. And the relevant info is just that I have a pass if I want it, but I have to get back to them by the end of today.

-_-;;; Yeah... no. Just no. I may have to find another California activity to visit that my friend, (witchyemerald), can also attend so we can hang out and be geeky together, but SDCC won't be it.

Finished the patchy minky blanket. And almost done with the purple legwarmers and gloves. :) Thank you SGDQ for the productivity! Really tired and at work now (XP), but I had to comment on the way the SDCC masquerade interacted with me.

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July 3rd, 2016
02:19 am
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SGQD 2016 is here!
Woot! Later today Summer Games Done Quick 2016 starts! 7 days of 24-hour gaming for charity! This year, same as previous SGDQ events, the charity is Doctors Without Borders, which is very much a worthy cause. I'm especially looking forward to Pepsiman, Sonic 2006, and FF VI (ALL HAIL THE DEMON CHOCOBO!!!). :)

Site/streaming here:

Schedule here:

And hopefully a list of incentives to come!

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June 29th, 2016
01:27 pm
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Ugh... more weird ideas...
So, I am actually almost finished with the mountain of yarn, and very pleased about this. Scarves, hats, and gloves made! I do still have some left (probably will be able to get two more hats and 6+ pairs of gloves out of what is there), but it is now manageable (aka, able to fit on the shelf on my bed without fear of it spilling off when I sneeze two rooms away).

A small victory, but a victory nonetheless.

I have an interview tomorrow, and am still submitting for other jobs, so some progress is being made there, just not much. :P

But I was listening to the Carol of the Old Ones (for no reason), and thought of a nifty group costume idea. This will likely never see the light of day, but...

Have a caroling-style group, but all Cthulhu-type creatures with slimy bits and glowing eyes and other places. :) Would be fun!

And now back to being tired and cranky and looking forward to/dreading tomorrow. -_-;;;

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June 21st, 2016
11:35 am
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Had to make a little post about this
So, I'm on the Knit Picks email list (for obvious reasons), and they just sent out an email about a sock yarn that is now back in stock.

Pretty standard. Until I clicked to look at it (you never know when you'll get a good deal for a future project!), and saw one color and just face palmed... in a good way. ;P

"Felici Sock Yarn: Time Traveler
"Wear these brightly striped socks whether you are going to the office or traveling through time and space. Time Traveler is a colorful mix of purple, tan, red, gold, ivory, and gray stripes. While you can knit some really really long socks, this colorway will not create socks that are larger on the inside than they appear on the outside."

Nerds rule all. :)

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June 20th, 2016
01:19 pm
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Nearly zero productivity!
Yeah, did get stuff done this weekend (shawl is done!), but not what I was thinking of. Eh, at least progress is getting made.

I did make some headway on a stupid blanket project that I've had sitting around for forever. It's made from a bunch of sample squares of minky fabric that I ordered to see what colors were available (which I did order and those will be a different project!). Unfortunately, since the website I prefer rotates through their stock semi-regularly, it is best to order new color samples before a project, hence I didn't have a reason to keep these samples, and thus why they are being turned into a blanket. The problem is minky sheds like crazy (there are multi-colored fuzz flicks EVERYWHERE), and being made from samples means the squares are TINY and shift even when pinned, so it isn't getting done quickly. But I figured I was sick of it sitting there, so that's my next mini project.

Maybe finish that up this week, if I can.

Also on the agenda this week is getting my bed back from the yarn (only place kitty doesn't bother it). My neighbor got a donation of crap yarn (a combo of rough yarn, really thin lace-weight stuff, and various "special" yarn like eyelash and chenille that you can't do much with), which nobody in the donation group likes to work with, so I took it. It was a significant amount, and much of it was tangled and needed to be sorted, and I've buzzed my way through making about 6 hats and 6 scarves, which helped. Still have enough yarn (in frigging TINY balls of various colors; can't have just decent-sized balls of a solid color... :P) to probably make about 5 more hat/scarf sets, as well as some gloves (ugh, they take so long for so little!), but once those are done, I'll have nothing else on my bed and can get back to my smaller personal yarn projects, which will be nice.

(Personal projects include two leg warmers, two sets of socks, several doilies, and three BIG jackets done on small needles. Yeah, yeah, never-ending lists and all that...)

Didn't do the DCC, partly because they sold out of tickets, and partly because I didn't feel like it this year. Been feeling very "blah" lately. :/

Nothing on the job front, but I'm going to keep trying. :)

I am definitely taking pics when I get a bunch of this donation stuff done... ;P

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June 17th, 2016
02:35 pm
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Not much to report
So last weekend, my mom had a huge party, and I was in charge of the BBQ (because it is MY BBQ, and I have issues about people using my things, especially when said people [mom and bro] have PROVEN they don't know how to properly grill! No under-cooked or tough meats on my watch, dammit!). As a result of grilling 44 hamburgers, 36 bratwursts, and 48 hot dogs on a standard-sized grill over the course of 3 hours, I inhaled quite a bit of smoke (and was out in the direct sun for the entire time).

Thus I wasn't feeling the best this past week. I think my system has recovered a bit, but...? Throat is still scratchy and my nose/sinuses still feel rough. :P

At any rate, I am almost done with all the things for other people that are must-do things! XD The person I made the dresses for wants a quick shawl made (which should be simple, I just haven't been feeling up to snuff this week), and that will likely happen tonight, and then... that's it!

Well, there are the general things-to-make-for-my-neighbor's-charity, but those are projects that can be done whenever, and if they are never done, meh. :P I may tackle a few blankets for that this weekend, just to help get some of my basement back from the encroaching fabric piles, but I also might dink around with drafting patterns (got a book!) or try to do the dyeing projects I want to tackle (want to try a difficult trick for that dirndl outfit...). Maybe pick up my new journal and write things (my brother really wants me to do a Star Wars fic that I half-planned in front of him; he has offered to be my fact-finder and get me whatever footage I need to figure all the events out). Who know? ;)

In other news, I watched Zoolander 2 and Zootopia recently. Zoolander 2... it was awesome! Stupid, but awesome! More of Zoolander, but still awesome! ;P And the puns! I still love the whole "beat cop" thing. *snicker* I'm going to watch it again with my friend Jeff in a few weeks (his reward for getting through a 5-week Organic Chemistry summer course). Or I may watch it again by myself and then with him. Either way, so stupidly awesome! XD

Zootopia surprised me. I was expecting something more pun-filled, silly animal traits, etc. What is it is a surprisingly relevant film that can be applied to the diversity issues present when people talk about race, gender, sexual, nationality, history, etc. There's even a few scenes that hit close to home for people who have loved ones battling mental problems/illnesses. It's a movie made for kids, make no doubt about that, but the words they use and the way the characters react makes it stunningly applicable to a variety of issues. As I told my brother, "It is kid-friendly, adult-relevant." I have yet to meet someone who doesn't like it, and I highly recommend it.

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June 6th, 2016
05:28 pm
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And right on time... computer problems!
Of course, the second I decide to get something done that involved me using my laptop, it decides not to work.


Well, I think I've solved it now (a corrupted Windows update file SUCKS, BTW), and am almost done re-reading the last two chapters. So, maybe edits will happen later tonight and I can have my beta work finished in time with my self-imposed deadline. More likely than not, though, I will need at least another day. :P

My next project (after I finish this beta work and have a chance to mess around with fabric) will likely be a backpack... a very unusual one. :3

Have some Twilight humor, in the meantime:

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June 5th, 2016
10:02 am
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Well, getting caught up
So, I have been getting caught up with things that I need to do for other people. I fixed my neighbor's skirts (although he said they need another inch at the waistband taken out, so he has to give those back to me and I have to fix them again), did both large dresses for a friend (huge amount of work, but she did pay me for it), fixed all my mom's shirts (she lost weight and they had to be taken in), altered a different neighbor's pants, finished that tail commission a while ago, and caught several garter snakes and relocated them to the river down the street.

(That last one is by request of my mom, who can't stand snakes, even though they are good and cute and keep mice and bug populations down and not venomous [well, none that we get around here].)

Aside from those minor alterations, which will hopefully take less than an hour, and one big thing that takes actual brain-power (which sewing often does not), I am now officially caught up on what I have to do for other people.

(There are still a few knitting projects and sewing some blankets for my neighbor's charity, but that's more of a "whenever" thing that actually doesn't have to be done at all. She isn't expecting/demanding anything, just "if you want to, here's some yarn/fabric; have fun making something" sort of thing.

There's also the big party next weekend that my mom is throwing and I will be cooking for, but as that has a set date and nothing I can do beforehand, I'm sort of not counting it.)

The big thing I still need to do, and what I may be doing tomorrow while I'm at work (because there will be nothing to do), is beta-ing a fic chapter for the God of Dead Fandoms. The hold-up is I really have to focus to do a good job, plus it has been a while since his last update, and I feel that to do the best job I can I need to re-read some of the previous chapters of the story. So it will take me several hours at the least. But that too will hopefully be done soon. :)

I should mention that this past week I was hit with a minor cold (which wasn't too terrible, but I did have to sleep quite a bit to recover) and menstruating (which is just FUCKING LOADS OF FUN >:P), so the fact that all this stuff got done is a bit of a big deal for me.

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